Convert Your Wedding Planning Skills – Keep Building Your Marriage, Anchored in Your Perfect Wedding

Many couples are stunned by how much they like the wedding planning process. And then they’re stunned when the wedding is over. It’s a bit anti-climactic. You’ve been so focused on this project and here you are without a new one. So before you get to the end of the wedding planning road, make a page in your great big old wedding binder for next planning steps.

You’ve also discovered new skills for budgeting, organizing, decorating, community building, increasing family contacts and tying small knots on tulle packages of rice.

  1. Budgeting: You had to make things fit with the wedding. You had a finite amount of money. Now use those skills to make a debt disappear or save money for an important purchase. You know how to do it. Now make it work for this important relationship.
  2. Organizing: You’ve proven you can organize your way through tons of paper and projects. Um… Your closets? Your garage? Your paperwork?
  3. Decorating: Figure out how to make the most of every room in your house. Take it one room at a time. Use the same thoroughness you brought to your wedding planning and find the right chairs to read in and a good desk to write and pay bill in. Figure out the right place for the wedding altar!
  4. Community Building: You got everyone together. They had a good time and they liked everyone they met. Now use those skills to have parties and to improve your neighborhood and town. People like doing things as a group. Go for it.
  5. Family Contacts: In the long run, family makes a huge difference in our lives. Take the skills you used setting up your wedding home page to set up an on-line home for your families. Plan a reunion. Find ways to stay in touch and keep others in touch in both virtual and real ways.
  6. Knot-tying: Of all these things, the tulle/ribbon/rice thing may be the least useful in your ongoing life, although your next friends to be married will be incredibly grateful if you just offer to take that problem of their hands!
  7. Problem-solving: Keep finding healthy ways to work on both your problems and the ways you solve and resolve them. Life can be so much more fun if you just keep refining your skills.
  8. Celebrating: Your wedding was really about the celebration of a major life event. It felt great didn’t it? Why not figure out how to celebrate the large and small moments of life and become the planners for your family and your community?

The important thing is to do these things together, in whatever way you’ve done that. Keep making references to your wedding. Your wedding’s where you publicly proclaimed how much you loved one another and entered into this marriage. This will build a far deeper marriage and keep your wedding working long after the last guests went home.