Save Money by Hosting a Small Wedding

You will certainly want to have a perfect and memorable wedding. You might be dreaming about your wedding when you were still a little girl. There is no doubt about that. To this end, you will try your best to plan for your most important day in your life. However, a piece of fact here is that you will also need to consider your budget when you are doing the wedding planning work.

To this end, you may want to find ways to save money on your event. As a matter of fact, you will be able to save a lot of money by hosting a small wedding. One thing you need to know is that planning for a small event does not necessarily mean that you are not going to have a memorable and perfect event. You can certainly be able to make it special and unique if you can pay attention to the details.

In fact, you will want to go for a small wedding if you want to make it more intimate. You would like to spend your time with your family members and closest friends. This can certainly be a perfect option and idea. To this end, you will only invite guests who are important to you! Of course you will also be able to save money in this case.

One of the ideas here is that the total cost can only be a fraction of a big event when you are trying to host a small wedding. Taking the case of invitation 20 guests for instance, you will only need to spend something like $8000 even if you are planning to spend $400 per guests. This will certainly help you to save money. In most cases, an average wedding can cost you more than $20,000.

As a result, you should try to consider the idea of a small wedding. However, there can also be problems associated with it. In most cases, it will be related to the guest list. Since you will only have a very small guest list, it can be quite difficult for you to make the decision on who to be invited. This can be the most important part. If you have a lot of family members, it will be even more difficult for you to make your final decision on your guest list.

So, you should be very careful when you are considering your own guest list. If you can settle this issue, you will certainly be able to have a memorable wedding while you can save money on it!